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Mehrunes Dagon Magic Card by b1nary-mast0r Mehrunes Dagon Magic Card :iconb1nary-mast0r:b1nary-mast0r 4 2 Binary Industries Theta by b1nary-mast0r Binary Industries Theta :iconb1nary-mast0r:b1nary-mast0r 2 0 Binary Industries Skeleton by b1nary-mast0r Binary Industries Skeleton :iconb1nary-mast0r:b1nary-mast0r 2 0 Prototype Railgun by b1nary-mast0r Prototype Railgun :iconb1nary-mast0r:b1nary-mast0r 1 0
Walking Alone, Chapter 2
   It has currently been 2 weeks since I left home. I have been travelling by boat to the main continent on Elstroy, where all the adventure is. Barrick can no longer be my home. I have spent too long trying to live a lie. Now, it's time for the truth to be walked. Now, it's time for me to find my destiny. Now, it's time for me to be what I feel I truly am at heart: A Paladin. The boatride to Morinpul was...interesting. There were 2 other passengers on board: An Orcish Warlock who didn't say a single word the entire way, and the other was a rather odd case. He was a Morinpith, dressed in fine clothes that had been dirtied, he had long, brown, flowing hair that was raggedy, his face covered in the beginnings of a beard, and a look on his face that combined regret, shame, frustration, and rage. The very large two-handed blade next to him told me he was a force to be reckoned with. He was very sociable, though. He was polite to me and the boatsman when we tried talking to h
:iconb1nary-mast0r:b1nary-mast0r 0 0
Tactical Assault P90 by b1nary-mast0r Tactical Assault P90 :iconb1nary-mast0r:b1nary-mast0r 2 0 Tower Watchman AR by b1nary-mast0r Tower Watchman AR :iconb1nary-mast0r:b1nary-mast0r 3 13
Walking Alone: Chapter 1
  This is not a tale for the weak-hearted. This is a tale of misery and sorrow, of bravery and goodness, a tale of deceit, and a tale of perseverance. This is the story of a lone paladin and his struggles in the vast realm of Elstroy to be the holy warrior his god chose him to be. This is the story of Sir Belstavor Velundin. My story...
  I was born into nobility, to a duke and duchess. I was raised to be like them, a politician. I was given speech and debate lessons all throughout my childhood and adolescence. I learned to argue on the fly. I was a master debater. I could give grand speeches that could stir crowds. I could manipulate audiences to feel however I wanted them to. But, no matter how well I did, I still felt empty inside. It was never enough for me. I wanted to do more with my life than just sit in an office and do nothing to help the people. I wanted to fight. I wanted to fight for all that is good, and serve Toristo in the best way I could.
:iconb1nary-mast0r:b1nary-mast0r 0 5
My First 4 Planeswalkers by b1nary-mast0r My First 4 Planeswalkers :iconb1nary-mast0r:b1nary-mast0r 5 0 The Man's Machine Pistol by b1nary-mast0r The Man's Machine Pistol :iconb1nary-mast0r:b1nary-mast0r 3 1 Duke Nukem Magic Card by b1nary-mast0r Duke Nukem Magic Card :iconb1nary-mast0r:b1nary-mast0r 0 0 Light Red M249 by b1nary-mast0r Light Red M249 :iconb1nary-mast0r:b1nary-mast0r 0 1 My Favorite Magic Card by b1nary-mast0r My Favorite Magic Card :iconb1nary-mast0r:b1nary-mast0r 0 0 Sheogorath Magic Card by b1nary-mast0r Sheogorath Magic Card :iconb1nary-mast0r:b1nary-mast0r 3 2
The Tower of Mejstar, Chap. 1
   Our 6 heroes were near the forbidden ground, watching, waiting. Krag made sure no one was watching, and then he slowly stepped out onto the open ground, trudging through rotten flesh, but seemingly unaffected by it. Marshall then walked through next, shaking his head in disappointment. "What a waste" he said to himself. Then Theodore came through, saying a little prayer wishing the souls of these people a peaceful afterlife. Then Warren came, and then threw up. Aldrin was next, and he almost threw up himself. Isitrine barged through both of them, unaffected by the gore. The 6 eventually made it to the center of the ruins, where a pillar stood perfect, unaffected by time itself it seemed.
   "Looks fresh, like it was built yesterday, yet I know it was built 500 years ago. Odd." Krag said, looking around. Marshall examined the pillar. "There's something inside it." He said. Aldrin then walked over, and ran his claws up and down the pillar to see if there
:iconb1nary-mast0r:b1nary-mast0r 0 1
The Tower of Mejstar, Intro
   It was 3 in the afternoon. A lonely forest stood watch over the abandoned ruins of Mejstar, the last haven for the Demon Lords' former servants. There, the rivers were made of stale blood, the ground composed of dry bones, rusted metal littering the forbidden grounds. These grounds were considered forbidden due to the fact that the servants made their last stand here against the Order of the Word. But, the grounds would soon be visited by 6 adventurers seeking a reward greater than any other: Honor.
   Our 6 adventurers have been through hell and back together, figuratively AND literally. They've travelled to many strange places, seen many strange things, fought many strange enemies, and most of all, have formed strange friendships between each other.
   Their leader, Krag Lansky, is a Defender, a former member of the Order of the Word, a skilled shot with the crossbow, a master two-handed swordsman, and a caller of lightning. With his Ta
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Trinket by SoftairMarshmallow Trinket :iconsoftairmarshmallow:SoftairMarshmallow 18 0 PDW Colt Prototype by GaZzVoy PDW Colt Prototype :icongazzvoy:GaZzVoy 11 0 Venter - M9 'Lazyboy' RPG by Luke-Man Venter - M9 'Lazyboy' RPG :iconluke-man:Luke-Man 15 0 T.I. HVREV-250 'Hellcat' Heavy Revolver by Lord-DracoDraconis T.I. HVREV-250 'Hellcat' Heavy Revolver :iconlord-dracodraconis:Lord-DracoDraconis 42 20 D.I.I.-D.S.C. HVR-2000 'Dominator' Heavy Revolver by Lord-DracoDraconis D.I.I.-D.S.C. HVR-2000 'Dominator' Heavy Revolver :iconlord-dracodraconis:Lord-DracoDraconis 42 23 D.I.I. D510-M 'Hawk' .45cal Pistol by Lord-DracoDraconis D.I.I. D510-M 'Hawk' .45cal Pistol :iconlord-dracodraconis:Lord-DracoDraconis 23 6 DII CTS-555 'Shockhammer' Combat Tactical Shotgun by Lord-DracoDraconis DII CTS-555 'Shockhammer' Combat Tactical Shotgun :iconlord-dracodraconis:Lord-DracoDraconis 25 2 Rotuyo MP by Robbe25 Rotuyo MP :iconrobbe25:Robbe25 21 0 Lord J. Archibald and Co. Journeyman's Peace by Robbe25 Lord J. Archibald and Co. Journeyman's Peace :iconrobbe25:Robbe25 29 7 Pistolet-pulemyot Kuznetsova by Robbe25 Pistolet-pulemyot Kuznetsova :iconrobbe25:Robbe25 36 2 Theovos semi-automatic shotgun by Robbe25 Theovos semi-automatic shotgun :iconrobbe25:Robbe25 20 6 Varuz shotgun by Robbe25 Varuz shotgun :iconrobbe25:Robbe25 19 7 FAF-Commando-A1 by Maverick1313 FAF-Commando-A1 :iconmaverick1313:Maverick1313 18 10 Tate Arm's TAC-44 Revolving Carbine by GeneralTate Tate Arm's TAC-44 Revolving Carbine :icongeneraltate:GeneralTate 59 13 Sidewinder Shotgun by ComannderrX Sidewinder Shotgun :iconcomannderrx:ComannderrX 22 5 Gepard-T1 SMG by ThantosEdge Gepard-T1 SMG :iconthantosedge:ThantosEdge 19 4


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25 points=I'll write a large chapter
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35 points=I'll write 3 Chapters (Choose whatever size)
50 points=I'll write just about anything

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I have a proposition for those who are willing to participate. Unfortunately, this is a volunteer thing, since I am unable to physically pay, but I would like to consider this a challenge for those of you who accept. Also, this is kind of a contest. More will be explained below.

Still with me? Good. I am planning on having pictures of weapons for three tabletop roleplaying games I have been developing:
-Transformers: Spatial Architects (Transformers campaign set in a variant of D&D 3.5, obviously lots of weapons needed)
-Sunrise (Space Western campaign using a system inspired by World of Darkness and a setting inspired by Firefly, plenty of weapons needed)
-Raildrive (Cyberpunk campaign kind of inspired by Shadowrun, along with lots of other Sci-Fi stuff, custom system, needs whole arsenals)

Now, there are three categories, one for each campaign. Here are the requirements for each:
-Transformers Spatial Architects: When presenting weapon, need to specify whether weapon is one-handed or two-handed, and whether it has to be held or attached
-Sunrise: When presenting weapon, need to state caliber, clip size, and action type (Pump, Lever, Semiauto, Full Auto, etc, etc)
-Raildrive: When presenting weapon, need to list caliber, clip size, and whether weapon is one-handed or two-handed

Now, whoever wins in each category gets 15 points. This is determined by me, based on certain things:
-Weapon detail
-Amount of information on weapon (Not too much nor too little)
-Level of realism*
There is also an additional 5 point prize to the best weapon overall, judged from between the three category winners.

There will be updates on the contest at random intervals, so be on the lookout!

To submit:
    Once you have completed a weapon, send me a link here on this journal entry, and I will check it over, and place it in a folder. Good luck, and let the theoretical gunsmithing begin!

*The level of realism varies between the three categories, as described here:
-Transformers Spatial Architects: The campaign's about giant sentient robots that can turn into random objects at will. The sky's the limit as long as the weapon can't break the game.
-Sunrise: This is a Space Western, so keep the technology to semi-futuristic. Lasers are in the setting, but mostly used for ship-to-ship combat. Most people prefer good old projectile weapons that are reminiscent of older times.
-Raildrive: As long as someone in a cyberpunk universe could physically wield it, there shouldn't be too much of a problem, but also remember that when designing the weapon, keep this in mind: Anyone in this game can get access to it through certain channels, so would you really want street gangs with disintegration rifles?


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